Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Joker arrested trying to steal Batman" (and he succeeded!)

I came across this headline "Joker Arrested Trying to Steal Batman", on an Internet news website and for an instant thought that someone had written a movie review! I saw The Dark Knight this weekend and was amongst the many who was left spellbound. It is a good movie for all comic book superhero buffs like me; and it is also a good movie for other general audiences who want see a good entertaining flick. Christian Bale reprises his role of the caped crusader, Batman from the movie batman begins. But, the true Dark Knight of the movie is the character of the Joker played by late Heath Ledger.

This post is another one among the numerous blogs about which think that the Joker, and Heath Ledger have literally stolen the show from Batman. Ledger's portrayal of the psychopathic maniac who is least interested in anything other than destroying the very fabric of society is superlative, and I am not saying this to be sympathetic towards Ledger's untimely demise. The character is truly a villian and the kind which cannot be negotiated with. The painted face and constant lisp which the Joker has are but comic book rendering of a facade behind which the maniac thrives, and Ledger does superb justice portraying all this.

There has been speculation in the movie press that Heath Ledger deserves a posthumous nomination atleast if not an Academy Award win for his portrayal of the Joker. Irrespective of whether this happens or not, one thing that is certain is that the Joker has defenitely stolen Batman, and incredulously the actor's life was arrested!

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