Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Well, That Sounds About Right

It was Newton I think who said something about momentum and how things keep gaining it, if there is no friction. I am sure there have been other geniuses who have taken this to an abstract level and equated it to human activities as well; by which I mean to say that, an author can keep on writing, a poet can keep on composing when not impeded by any distractions, so on and so forth. For “Content Driven” bloggers like me, (Someone commented about one of my posts with that adjective!) a little momentum is all we require, but fall flat at the first mention of any friction. On Jan 25th, 2006 came the first mention of friction in my blogging career, a trip to sunny Goa!

Go Goa!

One can make up his mind all he wants about maintaining notes to write a travelogue, but once he hits the sandy beaches in Goa, it just becomes impossible. People don’t necessarily become lazy and start wasting time, but what happens is one experiences a complete disconnection from the world back home. Clocks are tuned to beach time and the mind is also numbed by a sense of casual un-belonging.

There is nothing really to the hype that is Goa. Miles and miles of Blue Ocean, sandy beaches, rocky forts, a city which thrives only on the moolah of the passing traveler and the sale of alcohol. One can never know that tourism is such big business until one sees the entire economy of a city based on it.

Anything and everything is created and designed to attract the eye of the traveler. Bright colors, vibrant designs and fresh aromas confront the traveler at every corner, making it easy for him to loosen his purse.

Falling off the Parachute is also fun!

Well not literally off the parachute, but an unplanned dive into the water when the boat pulling your parasail makes a sudden stop in the open sea, thanks to the anchor rope of a rogue boat, is definitely a lot of fun. Especially when the money paid for the “adventure sport” is refunded fully, thanks to this rather unfortunate [?] incident!

Incoherent and unable to write to a coherent post

Well, as is evident from the rambling above in this post, the long break from blogging has taken a toll on my ability to write anything coherently. A lot else too has happened in this period of my absence from the blogosphere, which have evidently doomed my comeback, diary entry like post. For lack of any other title and footnote, well that sounds just about right! [Barely!]

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