Saturday, March 13, 2010

Evil villain from Bond movie comes to life...

For all of you who ever rolled your eyes thinking that the villains in James Bond movies were over the top, unrealistic and comical here is proof that they do exist.

All Kim Jong Il has to do is remove his hands from the pockets of his mink coat, flick a switch, adjust a couple of dials and pull a lever... and VoilĂ ! the floor will open and you will fall into a pool filled with piranhas or something, while deadly nuclear missiles will be launched targeting every capital city in the world!

One might make a mistake of saying 'Look how happy he is, he couldn't hurt a fly', but let me tell you ladies, never ever trust a bond villain, especially this one. Do you know his codename?

It is KjIl and the j is just a distraction...

(for more pictures of this bond villain, go here)

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