Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Horsing around...

I recently got the opportunity to witness the Mahalakshmi Derby, out here in Mumbai, thanks to a friend who got passes to the event.

But more than seeing the horses and the race, it was the crowd which was fascinating. Here are the three typical characters.

#1, Major-ly into the betting, I-Have-To-Pee-Like-A-Horse-But-Need-To-See-The-Results types

#2, Hot chicas, Wonder-If-There-Is-Someone-With-A-Shorter-Skirt-Than-Mine types,

(BTW, Oh yes there were; this lady above was actually wearing the longest of skirts)

#3, Mr. RichDude Punter, I-Am-Rich-And-I-Don't-Care-If-The-Horse-Loses type

A good fun outing, I must say. Especially, if the filly you bet Rs. 10 to WIN has good odds, and you get back Rs. 50!

Jacqueline did win, although I did feel bad for Onassis - who like his name sake could not keep up with the foxy lady! :)

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