Monday, February 16, 2009

The State of the Blog

It has been quite a while since I made a post and there are are a few of reasons for this. One - there has been way more significant work at office, and I haven't been able to devote any quality time on blogging/writing. Two - I blame twitter and facebook also for my lacuna towards blogging. While I am still new on twitter, it is addictive and I have close to 280 tweets in the past two months as compared to close to 98 blog posts in the past four years. Facebook on the other hand has been a good find - while I have been 'active' on facebook for over an year now, getting in touch with old friends and classmates, has started off now, more earnestly, as its been close to an year since I have been out of college now. And three - given points number one and two, I have become extremely lazy on the internet. Staring at the computer screen is not really what I want to do at the end of a hard days work, and hence blogging has suffered.

The basic premise of this blog has not changed - it will still be 'Wittily, for free markets' (although it seems, that only I find the witty part). Also, I intend to be more frequent in my posts (once, everyday is the dream!) - so I intend to make small opinion posts, instead of long well, researched articles - a development, arising surely out of the twitter addiction I have been having. But, it will defintiely be longer than 140 characters and will NOT have status message kind of posts (after this one, please)-  I need to keep my twitter stream active as well.

In terms of content of the blog, as I have mentioned the main focus will be 'Free markets', but I wish to examine not only theory and numbers (stuff wehere I try to be a pseudo-intellectual, trying to decipher what economists are saying), but also focus on some real world examples I happen to see everyday. To quote an oft quoted phrase - "(Free Markets) are an idea whose time has come, and nothing is more powerful than that!"

On other developments which I want the reader to take notice is that, I have found that my hardly used wordpress blog- Idea Architecture - has always generated more comments than the more frequently-posted-at blog, here. But, this is the domain I want active - so I will be using the wordpress page as a surrogate. I will be cross posting every post I make here on the wordpress account with a 'click here' to read more link. Hopefully, I can bring all the wordpress readers to view my blog at this website. This won't be happening immediately, as I need to take care of a few things before I do that,  but yes - it shall be done!

Well thats it then. Mind Sparks! 

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