Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Ugly' Brands

As an exercise in understanding branding and its impact on human psychology, I am interested in knowing names of Brands which have a negative word in them. For example - 'Ugly Stik' is a popular brand of fishing rods. I would like to know what kind of products generally use negative words as part of their names to gain extra 'connect' with their target audience; one product category which does this comes to mind is Deodarants and Perfumes. Example - 'Axe Vice'. These examples are of sub brands which have a negative word in them. Such examples are okay as not many primary brand names will have negative words in them. I would prefer examples with negative English words, but if there are examples in other languages it is also welcome - please give a translation of what the word means. This post will be a running theme and will be regularly updated in my other blog thread at Idea Architecture at the 'Ugly' Brands Page.

Here are some examples:

Ugly Stick - Fishing Rods

Axe Vice - Deodarant

Fat Bastard - Wines

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