Thursday, September 11, 2008

Of Nude Women and Gullible Men!

The Times of India today has an article about scientific research which now proves that men are blinded to price tags (and everything else) when they are confronted by a nude woman. Advertisers have indeed always known this and have used this very effectively, but always lacked the scientific backing to prove this common sense. Now all those naysayers who said women are being objectified in advertising can be shown this research and told, "Here, see this... what we are doing is scientifically proven. Ha..ha.. Even you would'nt dispute sceintifically proven facts, would you?"

But marketers and advertisers are not always smart. You see, nude or scantily clad women make men gullible and help sell the products without bargaining for them, but the products should be those which men would use or atleast buy frequently. The people over at the three billion blog have an interesting point to note about a 'marketing malfunction' when it comes to selling male and female undergarments. Sample the websites of Calvin Klein Underwear for Men and the WonderBra for women and tell me who are the respective websites designed for.

Even if I buy a hypothetical arguement, that men and women buy underwear for their partners, it would be difficult to beleive that these two websites are designed to market to the right sex. As the threebillion blog rightly points out, the WonderBra website looks more like something out of FHM and would defenitely be more attractive to a man than a woman and vice versa for the Calvin Klein website. The famous 'Only The Balls Should Bounce' ad for WonderBra featuring Anna Kournikova atleast had an humurous angle to it - so while it got the attention of the men for sure, it also appealed to the women.

While I am thankful for the professor of Economics at the Flemish university who conducted the study about men's gullibility to nude women, unfortunately advertisers are still not that smart to make proper use of it, especially the ones who designed the Calvin Klein Underwear website. My advice to them would be that they should make the website more attractive to the target market of their product - men; and the simple way to do this is to make use of what the Flemish University study has scientifically proven - only then can they see their sales increasing! As for the WonderBra website I say, keep the current design - but as the article says, the target market here respond better to physical stimuli than visual - so you need to find some way to build in this service on your website! *wink*

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