Thursday, September 25, 2008

Human Anatomy and Web Traffic

There has been discussions on websites about the leading activity by people on the internet. Recent statistics show that Social Networking (on sites like Facebook, MySpace etc) has replaced Porn as the most popular activity on the web. Read More.

Historically, based on the major trends in the internet - this is a significant change. Porn and promiscuity has ruled the web ever since its inception. But, come to think about it - this might be because all the sexual predators from porno websites have now 'moved' to other hunting grounds like Social Networking sites where they have many easy targets. (Hat tip to Freddie)

Despite all this though, one thing is certain - Sex is still what makes the website traffic soar! My colleague recently had a post which talked about the popularity of human anatomy in Hip Hop songs and the particular affection these songs have for the privates. The post had a picture which depicted which body parts were popular, and this of course featured the privates. And Voila! the number of unique visitors to his blog in one day has been more than most previous occasions! I just did a small survey of the search terms which brought visitors to my blog URL and it is no surprise that a photograph of a G-String clad female bottom which I had posted in one blog post, which came out to be the search term most likely to bring most traffic!

In light of this, maybe this blog should carry more content which depicts whats described in this photo...

(For better photogrpahs... search the Web)

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