Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Let there be 'G'

And then he said, let there be 'gLight'; and he never had to shine light on anyone ever again (they just searched for it!)
Yes people, the world is taking on a prescript - the letter 'g'. And it all started as a search engine called 'Google'. Soon we had all kinds of g letter words - gMail, googleDesktop, gGears, gToolbar, googleReader, gNotebook, gMaps and even googleEarth and googleSky! Already, words for many human verbs are becoming prefixed with the letter 'g'. It has already started; people can 'gTalk'. Soon they will be able to gWalk and gSleep. Also, maybe we can even gEat soon; once that is accomplished, gGod knows what else we can do!
It is almost like one of the teenage code languages where children usually prefix or suffix a letter or a sound with every word of the sentence. "Pwhatwy piswy pyourwy pnamewy?" - when spoken can sound cryptic, especially if you find two young people happily conversing in this way. This language my friends is a 'p-wy' or peewee language; where every word is prefixed with 'p' and suffixed with 'wy'. But this is all in the past! Now the key to most cryptic puzzles is the letter 'g'. "Hey I will send you a geemail" says my friend, "Or we could just geetalk you know, its much more easier. You can post the document on googleDocuments and I will download it from there."

Already, our clothing is taking on a gColours. Gone are the days of Kanchevaram and Mysore silk sarees. It now a gSaree!
Soon we are going to have a gPhone and people may be able to gSpeak with anybody for free! All one will need to put up with is a whole bunch of guys listening into the sweet nothings you whisper in to the pretty young thing's ear - over your gPhone, ofcourse. Soon there will be a gBot - an all encompassing, all powerful robot with the g-power and that will eventually lead to the creation of gMan!

String theory, dear readers is supposed to explain the universe and why we are here. It contends that in the minutest sense, everything can be represented as energy strings. Speaking of strings though, what the scientists have not realized yet, is that Google has gone back into time and had already put its stamp on the theory! And it is called a gString!
Soon, we will all be living in a search engine; and searching for the g-Spot may be as easy as typing and clicking!

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