Thursday, December 22, 2005

Operation Majnu? Case of encouraging incompetence

Operation Majnu victim takes woman cop to court

Meerut: One of the girls who was slapped and abused by Meerut police has decided to take the police to court.Priyanka, a victim of Tuesday's Operation Majnu, has filed a case in a city court against Inspector Mamta who was part of the operation. She wants an FIR to be registered against the 13 police officers involved in what the police claim was an attempt to cleanse the city of 'road Romeos'.

Read IBN’s full news report… here

Like any sting operation, which seem to be the latest fad in Indian politics the brutal thrashing meted out by the police on young romancing couples in a Meerut Park recently seems to have been done with a camera at hand. Nevertheless, apart from the hypocrisy of the whole event, moral policing or not, this incident clearly indicates one attitude which is prevalent mainly among incompetents- “I cannot have this, so I will see to it that nobody else does either”. The reader may accuse me of fallacy ad-hominem but upon seeing the repeated telecasts of the incident on various news channels, I want to unequivocally cast the blame on the ugly ducklings who ended up becoming police officers.

Sub Inspector Madhu Malati, I gather from the newspapers, is the name of woman officer involved in the incident. She has been known to be arrogant and whimsical the newspaper reports, but I will take it further and say that she is incompetent both in her professional career and in her love life. The police may have been out to curb the cases of eve teasing, but it is only the profound jealousy and deep sense of insecurity arising out of a colossal inferiority complex that motivated the lady officer to recklessly thrash even the eves. What warranted such actions by the police woman? Were the “offending” couples armed to the teeth? Were they trying to indulge in any terrorist activities? Were the middle aged married couples enjoying an evening in the park indulging in extortion and rape? The answer to all these questions is no, but their crime was that they were enjoying something which Sub Inspector Madhu Malati probably never had a chance at. She probably never had the opportunity of enjoying a romantic evening with her husband or lover so she decided that she will use her power as police officer to harass anyone who had such an opportunity.

Two particular parts of the video footage available stand out in this abject incident. One is when two male police officers using their lathis prevent one of the couples from moving away, and soon the lady officer comes running towards them to hit them lest they should escape her beating. The other is when another smirking lady officer asks the cameraman to focus on how the sub inspector was slapping a young woman who seems bewildered at the whole situation. It is without doubt the most humiliating of experiences to be so unjustly dominated, more so by such incompetent people.

Such incidents are but a raw gash which reveals the cancer which is growing below. I am not aware of the background of the police officers involved in the incident but I can confidently say that they did not get to their positions based on merit. By not making merit the only criteria for selection into any position of responsibility, the system will only encourage more such incompetents to take centre stage by demanding respect rather than commanding it.

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Anonymous said...

Well the so called action against eve teasing is surely disgusting but something that is bound to happen is the increase in occurance of such dastardly acts around the country encouraged by the mindless blockhead troop of Shiv sena, Bajrang Dal etc

Man What does "fallacy ad-hominem" mean???

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